Digital forensic analysis and incident response services experts

Ransomware, Trojan horses, phishing and CEO scams are some of the main threats that constantly affect organisations around the world. Thanks to DFIR, we help you contain potential incidents in a timely manner and help you analyse and take the necessary security measures to prevent them from happening again.

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Expert advice for containment and response to any security incident, whether physical or virtual.

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Proven experience in a multitude of forensic expert opinions, both in civil and criminal cases and in national and international companies.

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Expert opinions signed by qualified engineers, in accordance with Art. 340 of the Spanish Law of Civil Procedure (1/2000).


  • We help contain and analyse your cybersecurity incidents using forensic techniques, with the necessary evidence preservation and chain of custody measures.

  • We provide support defining security plans in order to prevent investigated incidents from happening again.

  • We have certified personnel and experts who will enable you to respond to most of the existing threats and who will look after the interests of your organisation.


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