Offensive Security


Offensive Scurity: Ethical Hacking, web pentesting and network team services

Our Offensive Security services enable you to analyse and assess your company's cyber defence capabilities. Find out how your security plan performs against a team of advanced adversaries taking action, and learn how to effectively protect your critical assets and operations.

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Find security flaws and configuration errors before your adversaries do.

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Update your defences to be able to deal with the latest Tactics, Techniques and Procedures used by advanced malicious actors during their attacks.

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Make sure your security team maintains the appropriate level of alertness to ensure maximum protection.


  • We simulate the malicious behaviour of real adversaries, emulating the Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) used in real attack scenarios, without putting your organisation or its operations at risk.

  • We illustrate the business impact that a real attack could have on the company, giving visibility on potential attack vectors and targets.

  • We detect critical information and assets at risk.

  • We locate the existing vulnerabilities in your environment, helping you identify the company’s risk levels, and offering mitigation mechanisms that are valid in the context of your company and its operations.


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Outstanding Services

We have extensive experience carrying out various offensive security and adversary emulation services.