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Osane Consulting is an international consulting and security company owned by the Zerolynx® business group, specialised in property security. At Osane Consulting we have professional experts in the various fields of security to ensure all your protection, both physical and virtual.


  • We manage your physical and virtual security.

  • We minimise the risk to your organisation’s assets and key personnel, therefore ensuring the continuity of your company’s business.

  • We prevent, contain and respond to different types of threats related to organised crime, unfair competition and internal threats.


  • A complete, tailor-made service, integrated into your organisation’s quality system, which aims to guarantee the correct functioning of your corporate and property activity.

  • We have a large multidisciplinary team of experts in Asset and Corporate Security.

  • We produce comprehensive reports for which the veracity, pertinence, relevance and accuracy of the information is guaranteed. We can help you interpret and tackle the issues to achieve the best possible results.


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