Intelligence Experts

Acquire the information you need to answer your questions and help you successfully define and complete your company's strategic objectives through our intelligence services. Gain a competitive advantage that allows you to stay ahead of the risks within your sector and your competitors.

Know your company’s digital footprint and gain information from your suppliers and competitors.

Analyse and protect your organisation’s critical assets from internal and external threats.

Investigate any incident or event using our OSINT and HUMINT capabilities.


  • We have an intelligence unit with a global operational capacity, which offers you a large interdisciplinary team of professionals to assist you in your decision processes and defend your interests.

  • We have a complete team of Cyber Security experts, which gives us the capacity to obtain massive information at a cyber level, having access to both open source information and information from the Deep/Dark Web, or from leaks made by cyber criminals on the web.

  • Our analysts rely on open sources (OSINT), proprietary and third-party tools and financial, commercial, administrative and other legally sourced databases. They are also experienced in accessing and analysing the obtained information.


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