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Biblioteca de Malware Celebrities: hoy...vx-underground

Buenas a todos/as, en mi primer post en Flu Project os vengo a hablar sobre vx-underground, la mayor biblioteca de muestras de malware que existe actu ... Continue Reading

EU Cyber Forum 2020

Para los que no os enterasteis, el pasado mes de Septiembre fue el EU Cyber Forum 2020. Este evento Europeo pretendía poner de manifiesto el compromi ... Continue Reading

Estudio sobre el nivel de ciberseguridad en España

Hola lectores. Hoy no os voy a hablar de ninguna herramienta o utilidad técnica, sino que os traigo un estudio realizado por ISMS Forum. Y es qu ... Continue Reading

[PoC] Cifrado AES256 mediante audio: AESTube (Parte 2)

[PoC] Cifrado AES256 mediante audio: La Teoría (Parte 1)[PoC] Cifrado AES256 mediante audio: AESTube (Parte 2)¿Y si no sabes cantar?¿Y si no tienes ... Continue Reading

Microsoft anuncia el desmantelamiento de la botnet Trickbot

¡Buenas!Microsoft anunció hace unos días en su blog el desmantelamiento de la botnet Trickbot en el marco de las acciones llevadas a cabo para comb ... Continue Reading

Curso gratuito de actuación ante pérdidas de datos

Hola lectores. Desde hace unas semanas, he visto que de manera periódica uno de mis contactos en Linkedin publicaba lecciones sobre actuación a ... Continue Reading

¿Quiénes lideran la ciberguerra? Países y mercenarios

¡Nuevo capítulo de Enemigo Anónimo! Hoy conoceremos a los gobiernos que son más activos en la ciberguerra, algunos casos concretos entre aliados, ... Continue Reading

Los correos de Hunter Biden: el debate (electoral y no electoral) está servido

¡Buenas!Hace unos días que el diario estadounidense New York Post se hacía eco de "los correos electrónicos secretos de Hunter Biden" en los que s ... Continue Reading

Women in Cybersecurity (Young, educated and ready to take charge)

Hola lectores. Los que me conocéis, sabéis que a mi me gusta la gente con talento (descubierto, o aún por descubrir) y que los equipos con los ... Continue Reading


Offensive Security

We test your security simulating the presence of advanced adversaries, analyzing systems, networks, devices and applications from an adversarial point of view.

Threat Mitigation

We help increasing the security inside the corporate environments, fortifying them, reducing the possibility of attack, and allowing fast detection and erradication of threats.


We monitor public and private information sources using OSINT and HUMINT techniques in order to prevent physical and logical threats that may affect your business.

Digital Forensics & Incident Response

We help to contain and analyze your incidents of cybersecurity through forensic techniques, with the guarantees of preservation of evidence.


Zerolynx® is a Spanish business group specialized in security, which has extensive experience in the protection of large customers, as a first line of defense against physical and logical attacks on public and private entities.

Zerolynx integrates professionals with experience in the public sector, with former members of law enforcement agencies, and in the private sector, who have worked in the protection of Fortune-500, Ibex 35 and other large clients in national and international projects. This complete vision allows Zerolynx to have a deep knowledge of the current attack scenarios, having a privileged position for the effective protection of its clients and the reduction of its risk levels.


We have consolidated a diversified portfolio of alliances in order to offer our customers comprehensive cyber security solutions. We work to advise you on the best solutions and to address your needs together.


We strongly commit to innovation by conducting research and publishing articles on new cyber threats, cybersecurity solutions, guides and conferences that may be of interest to our clients.

About us

We are a different company that believes faithfully in its values. Our main focus is on helping our customers to improve their security, betting on quality and excellence to always look for the best solution.