What is it?

Cyber intelligence is a term that has been coined to refer to intelligence tasks that require or have as a destination the use of information systems. Its main objective is to collect and analyze data, to generate valuable information that helps answer a series of questions. Generally, cyberintelligence is used in the business world to identify exfiltrated data or files, locate brands detractors, or alert of the possible occurrence of a cyber attack.



The service is developed passively, locating and analyzing data from open sources of the Internet, through OSINT (Open Source INTelligence), without interacting, or endangering your network, or your customers and suppliers.

Digital fingerprint discovery

In this service an analysis of the information published on the Internet of your organization will be carried out. A search will be made based on a series of key terms that will be identified through a meeting with the staff of your organization. The ultimate goal is to obtain a real snapshot of the information that can be found on the internet of your organization, as well as the risks associated with it.

Annual service

The annual cyber-intelligence service allows an early warning of potential threats that may pose a danger to the organization. To do this, a daily analysis of the information published on the Internet of your company, in 5x8 or 24x7 mode, is carried out through previously established key terms, which will be optimized by our analysts over time to achieve greater accuracy in searches. This service has an optimized alert system based on the criticality of the localized information, which will allow you to know at all times the exposure status of your company.

Within the realization of cyber intelligence services, we have extensive experience in the following topics:

  • Information leakage monitoring (data leaks)
  • Brand surveillance & Monitoring of identity theft in social networks and online media
  • Monitoring of VIPs and critical personnel of an organization
  • Analysis of possible online fraud
  • Hacktivist threat monitoring, Phishing & Pharming

At the beginning of the services, a document with key information of the organization is prepared, such as commercial names, VIP personnel, known brand detractors, company profiles in social networks ..., which will allow our analysts to calibrate the analysis systems and delimit the initial scope of the searches.

As part of the services a series of reports is delivered. These reports contain the localized findings, a link to them, a description and detail of the data identified, the associated criticality based on the experience of our analysts and a set of recommendations or measures to be taken into account for the remediation or reduction of that risk. These reports will be weekly or monthly, in case the annual modality is contracted.

Intelligence 360

In many cases cyberintelligence is not capable in itself to answer the questions raised in an organization. There are certain points of inflection during investigations in which it is necessary to cross certain lines that escape the 0s and the 1s. Therefore, cybernetic intelligence must be linked to the most traditional work of intelligence, and that in a classic way have fallen among the powers of the detective agencies.

This union of both worlds, virtual and physical, is known as Intelligence 360, and is the most optimal way to respond to complex investigations, in which the heterogeneity of its problems requires such diverse capacities. Professional investigative detectives, hackers and analysts unite in a multidisciplinary team, with the aim of combining knowledge and experience in an intelligence unit capable of dealing with cases of competitive intelligence, threats, fraud, theft and the like, with full capacity to to judicialize cases and support clients by presenting evidences with a visa and with guarantees.

The creation of the Intelligence Unit represents a new advance in the expansion and development policies of companies as Zerolynx and The UAI is designed to carry out its projects by obtaining information through the use of different sources, highlighting OSINT and HUMINT. We have the necessary tools and analysts for their treatment and transformation into intelligence, which serves our clients for the correct decision making and continuity of their business. Study, analyze and solve are the focus of our daily work.

Efficiency, quality and professionalism of the human team that make up both companies form a common body in the mission of the UAI.

  1. Independence: The independence of the professional in the exercise of his profession, who must carry it out without being subjected to any pressure, mainly that which may come from his own interests or external influences. It constitutes the guarantee that the interests of the client will be defended objectively.
  2. Honesty: The professional of the UAI is morally complete, truthful, loyal and diligent in the performance of its function.
  3. Dignity: The professional of the UAI acts according to the norms of honor and dignity of the profession.
  4. Interest of the client: Carefully attend to the interests of our client. Appropriate measures will be taken to guarantee your legitimate interest.
  5. Professional secret: The professional of the UAI has the right and the duty to keep professional secrecy of all the facts and news that he knows because of his professional performance.
  6. Incompatibilities: We respect the regime of incompatibilities in force at each moment for the exercise of the profession.
  7. Veracity: Produced by us in the Investigations with our client and before the Administration of Justice, which protects their freedom of expression, and the duty of ratification.

Our technology

As a result of a deep research work, at Zerolynx we have a technology called ZeroLeaks, which helps our analysts to look for data leaks, especially credentials. We constantly collect and analyze new leaks that contain exposures of millions of data from companies and individuals, index them and generate search patterns to facilitate their recognition. This allows us to offer our clients a high value service, accompanied by the most traditional tasks of information analysis using OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) techniques.

Zeroleaks is a Threat Intelligence technology developed by the Zerolynx R & D team, funded by the European Social Fund.