El bastionado de equipos y redes, crucial en la ciberseguridad corporativa

The bastion of equipment and networks, crucial in corporate cybersecurity

The protection of existing systems and data in organizations must be the number one priority. There are many strategies, modus operandi, mechanisms, services and tools to achieve this. One of them is the bastioned of equipment, devices and corporate networks.

He bastioned consists of a strategy of cybersecurity especially aimed at strengthening the defense of companies' computer/digital systems with the ultimate objective of protecting them against risks and threats, whether internal or external. In this way, a large number of incidents and cyber incidents caused by vulnerabilities, security breaches, etc.

The tasks of bastioned They must be defined and implemented by expert professionals, who, in a personalized way, will apply what is fair and necessary for each structure, architecture, devices, network of each specific company.

Among the tasks that these technicians will be able to perform, we can identify the following:

  • Design and definition of secure mockups. Before implementing any system or network, it is essential to design a safe mockup. This involves planning the architecture of the network, identify possible entry points for intruders and determine how devices and systems should be configured to minimize risks.
  • Secure settings. Bastioning services require configuring each component of the system (independently, but with the whole in mind) securely. This means that the definition and review of strong password policies, the deactivation of the services that are already unnecessary, the updates periodic software updates, as well as General settings, those of the firewalls and other components that control the traffic In the net.
  • Application selection. Know how to choose Applications most appropriate for each case, is of vital importance. Companies must employ reliable software and reliable applications that, as far as possible, are free of bugs O vulnerabilities. In addition, those responsible for them in companies must continually keep them updated to the latest version.
  • Identity and access management. There are different mechanisms, the principle of least privilege, etc. But it is necessary to identify, define, manage and control who has access to what. This is an essential task of bastioned. To achieve this, systems must be implemented authentication solid and ensure that employees, partners, suppliers and collaborators only have access to what is strictly necessary.
  • Monitoring and detection of threats. Of course, having a monitoring continuous and services/systems threat detection, is critical, as it allows companies to respond quickly to incidents or unwanted situations.

But how is the work done? bastioned within a company?:

  1. Risk assessment. Before getting down to work, it is necessary to carry out a risk assessment, with the aim of identifying possible threats and risks to which the company and its environments are exposed.
  2. Strategy planning. Once the potentials are known risks and threats, with this context information you can define a bastion strategy. It must determine the scopes, goals specific, policies security and, specifically, prepare a detailed implementation plan of the bastioned.
  3. Gradual implementation. Let's start with the execution. This must be carried out conscientiously and progressively, paying special attention and prioritizing the activities of the systems considered most critical. Afterwards, the bastioned You will have to take care of the rest of the systems, devices and networks.
  4. Continuous maintenance. This activity should not be a one-time milestone that is considered complete. He bastioned requires constant review, management and maintenance that involves the repetitive and periodic execution of the plan, which will include the application of patches of security, update of policies and periodic reviews of the strategy, the executed plan and the current state.
  5. Education and awareness. Lastly, the conscience, training, training and training The staff is key, since this will be the one who manages the corporate applications and systems. It is not just about knowing and managing key aspects of cybersecurity, but, in addition, they must be informed and updated on the established policies and perfectly know the recommendations and good practices to apply at all times.

But, companies do not have an expert team dedicated to this activity, so they outsource this type of specialized cybersecurity, cyberdefense and cyberintelligence services, like the ones we offer in ZerolynxBastion of Equipment and Networks.

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