La Sexta

Research team

On November 17, 2023 La Sexta Investigation Team dedicated a program to cryptocurrency scams, more specifically, Celebrity Scams, a lucrative fraud in which cybercriminals use false cryptocurrency trading platforms to victims invest their money in them. During the investigation, La Sexta team contacted Zerolynx to request technical support and be able to answer some unknowns. Our colleagues from our cyber intelligence team collaborated in this work and part of the results were presented by our CEO, Juan Antonio Calles, in different interventions during the course of the program.

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News Command

In April 2021 Zerolynx participated in the special edition on cybersecurity of the TVE program Comando Actualidad, where our colleagues were explaining and demonstrating how cyber attacks on vehicles are the order of the day and how they can occur.

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Antenna 3

Antena 3 News

In February 2021, our Service Delivery colleagues participated in the Antena 3 news program to talk about the cybersecurity of the connected vehicle. During the program we carried out different practical demonstrations on how we could take control of different vehicles or manipulate them to alter the information that the driver would receive.

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El Confidencial

On March 18, 2018, the newspaper El Confidencial reported on the research work presented at the RootedCON conference by our CEO, Dr. Juan Antonio Calles, and by our collaborator, Dr. Patricia Rada Llano. In this project we presented a pioneering 'software' to convert Escherichia coli bacteria into hard drives, using an algorithm that was capable of translating binary data (ones and zeros) into 'DNA' syntax (that is, to the nucleotides adenine, " A", thymine, "T", guanine, "G" and cytosine, "C") while preventing and reducing conversion errors and problems caused by nucleotide repetition.

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