Manage your risks

Through our Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) services you will be able to effectively align your organization's IT activities with its business objectives, effectively manage possible associated cybersecurity risks and stay up to date. with the laws and regulations that affect the systems.

  • We align the activities and operations management of your organization with the defined objectives.

  • We manage the cybersecurity risks associated with your organization's activities in an efficient and preventive manner.

  • We align the tasks and services of your organization with current laws, rules and regulations.

How we work?


  • We establish an approach that ensures that organizations define correct objectives, as well as the corresponding cybersecurity actions and controls to achieve these objectives.

  • We align previously defined business objectives with the risks derived from the activity and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

  • We pursue optimal management of performance, risks and corporate social responsibility, defining adapted procedures and strategies.
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  • 1

    We carry out a diagnosis on the degree of cybersecurity maturity of your organization according to the defined objectives.

  • 2

    We determine the scope and planning, specifying the necessary activities to carry out to reach the level of maturity desired by your organization.

  • 3

    We establish an optimal design of the GRC model according to the desired regulatory framework. For example, based on the ISO 27001 standard.

  • 4

    We define the mechanisms and tools necessary to subsequently carry out the GRC model in question.

  • 5

    We deliver a report, which contains an executive summary, the resolution of the implemented GRC model and the corresponding recommendations.

  • 6

    The project ends with a high-level presentation of the results obtained to all interested parties.

Government Services

CISO as a Service

Don't have a CISO in your organization? Delegate the service to Zerolynx with tailored plans according to the size and experience of your organization.

Regulatory and regulatory compliance

We evaluate your organization's compliance with the main international security regulatory frameworks (such as ISO/IEC 27001, NIST or CIS, among others) and we help you with their implementation.

Global security strategy

We define and implement security master plans that provide a security governance model for your business.

Third Party Security Management

We manage the security of your suppliers to guarantee their resilience and avoid cyberattacks related to the supply chain.