Contain your incidents

Ransomware, Trojan horses, phishing and CEO scams are some of the main threats that constantly affect organizations around the world. Thanks to the digital forensic analysis service, we help you contain potential incidents in your company in a timely manner and analyze and take the necessary security measures so that they do not occur again.

  • Expert advice for containment and response to any security incident, physical or virtual

  • Proven experience in a multitude of forensic experts, in civil and criminal cases, in national and international companies

  • Expert opinions signed by qualified engineers, in accordance with Art. 340 of the Civil Procedure Law (1/2000)

How we work?


  • We help contain and analyze your cybersecurity incidents using forensic techniques, with the necessary guarantees of evidence preservation and chain of custody.

  • We support the definition of security plans in order to prevent investigated incidents from materializing again.

  • We have certified personnel and expert experts who will allow you to respond to most of the current threats and who will safeguard the interests of your organization.
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    We study the background of the incident, the environment of the event, the personnel and third parties involved and their contractual and legal situation.

  • 2

    We establish the proper chain of custody, generating a documentary record to control access to all the forensic evidence.

  • 3

    We extract all data from the evidence using forensic techniques that guarantee its integrity and non-repudiation.

  • 4

    We analyze the evidence using cutting-edge forensic technologies, based on the recommendations of the UNE 71506 standard.

  • 5

    We issue an expert forensic report with complete detail on the action carried out, in accordance with the guidelines set out in the UNE 197001 standard.

Response Services

forensic examinations

We analyze your electronic assets in order to determine the events that occurred during a cybersecurity incident, writing complete expert reports as third-party experts.

Threat Hunting

We proactively analyze your systems by assuming a possible compromise, by analyzing the TTPs used by cybercrime.

Incident response

We support you in the evaluation and containment of security incidents that you may suffer. Our expert staff will help you contain the problem and take the necessary steps to restore service

Playbook design

We design and write playbooks to process your response processes to any type of cyber incident.