Exclusive Zerolynx training program

Zero Academy is Zerolynx's internal training program, aimed at IT and telecommunications professionals who wish to advance their professional career within our company. We offer our own program, 100% free and exclusive, with core subjects and certifications and different optional certification schemes aligned with the service lines of Offensive Security, Cyberdefense, Intelligence, Forensics, Corporate Security and GRC.

Internal learning

126 hours of training

Zero Academy consists of a training pathway made up of internal courses and external certifications, distributed across 3 instructional levels (Junior 0, Junior and Senior). With up to 7 subjects per year depending on the student's professional category and experience, Zero Academy is the best way to acquire the knowledge necessary to perform your duties in the cybersecurity sector.


16 technical subjects

Zero Academy comprises a total of 16 subjects related to Cloud security, Web3 security, hacking in Active Directory environments, digital forensics and incident response or Secure Development, among others outstanding and current disciplines.


Up to 9 certifications

Zero Academy's internal training courses are combined with up to 9 external certifications, adapted to each training itinerary, with titles such as OSCP, CRTE or PNPT in the field of Offensive Security, OSIP, MOIS or GOSI in the field of Intelligence, CHFI or IRCP in the forensic field, AZ500 or AWS Security in the field of cyber defense, CISM or CISSP in the field of GRC and PSP or the title of Private Security Directorate in the field of corporate security.