Mitigate your cyber threats

Thanks to our specialized cyber defense team, we reduce your organization's attack surface, guaranteeing minimum privilege and creating a hostile environment that prevents the free movement of any malicious actor that penetrates your network.

  • We reduce your attack surface and limit the impact of an incident.

  • We improve the ability to detect any anomalies in your organization.

  • We restrict lateral movements in possible attacker incursions.

How do we work?


  • We offer personalized recommendations aimed at increasing the level of security of your organization's assets and networks.

  • We help deploy an adaptive defense model that includes everything from traditional preventive solutions, such as anti-malware and firewalls, to advanced solutions such as EDRs, and Threat Hunting
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  • 1

    In an initial meeting we analyze your needs and requirements.

  • 2

    We develop a defense plan aligned with your specific needs.

  • 3

    We support the implementation of the different defined solutions.

  • 4

    We issue reports detailing the activities carried out according to the agreed plan.

  • 5

    We audit the measures implemented to verify their effectiveness and efficiency.

Protective Services

Security offices

We manage all your cybersecurity as a Blue Team integrated partially or completely within your team of professionals.

Identity management

We evaluate your identity management and access control needs and help you implement IAM systems, PAM solutions, among others.

Vulnerability management

We detect, analyze and control your vulnerabilities within their life cycle, minimizing their exposure time based on their risk, probability and impact.

Security architecture

We evaluate, define, implement and maintain your cybersecurity framework for the management of your applications and corporate systems.

Awareness and phishing simulation campaigns

We define your organization's awareness strategy, planning different actions such as training sessions, phishing programs, design of support material or awareness capsules for senior management.

Hardening of systems and networks

We design and define secure models and networks for your organization's systems, with the appropriate configurations and applications to guarantee the highest level of security, without affecting your performance.

Integration of security solutions

We advise and help implement security technologies such as AV, EDR, XDR, NDR, FW or encryption solutions, among others.

Secure development

We help you to implement cybersecurity in your software development cycles (SSDLC), supporting you in the implementation of secure development methodologies and technologies, in the analysis of your applications and in the technical training of your staff.


We train your teams technically so that they can deal with any type of threat.

Asset Security Audit

We carry out an in-depth review of your physical infrastructure, analyzing your systems and procedures, in order to evaluate the current level of asset security, locate deficiencies and determine the degree of protection necessary.

Management and direction of Asset Security

We address the management of the organization's asset security in a comprehensive way, thus encompassing all your departments, objectives and processes.

Internal threats

We prevent your organization from internal threats related to potential employees, suppliers and/or partners who have authorized access to sensitive information of the organization and may misuse it.

Operations Security (OPSEC)

We support your physical and logical security, through the use of countermeasures that make it difficult for the adversary to gain knowledge provided by your own devices, capabilities and intentions.

TSCM Electronic Countermeasures

We detect hidden recording and/or image and sound transmission systems, as well as beacons that facilitate the tracking of people or vehicles.