Recover and continue with your business

Time, lack of personnel and costs are the main enemies faced by any organization recovering after a cybersecurity incident. At Zerolynx we are aware of this, and we help you restore your service quickly through our team of experts.

  • We support you in the restoration process, lifting your services and closing vulnerabilities to avoid a new source of attack.

  • We review and improve your business continuity plan, adapting it to the best market practices and regulations such as ISO 22301.

  • We list and document the problems that led to the cyber incident as lessons learned.

How do we work?


  • We have our own network and systems team that can integrate with your equipment during the recovery phase.

  • During the process we can redesign your network topology or redefine your architectures to improve your cybersecurity or make it more efficient.

  • Our experts have a multitude of certifications from manufacturers such as Microsoft, AWS, Google or Fortinet that guarantee their knowledge and experience in the matter.
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  • 1

    We analyze the situation with your team and determine the course of action.

  • 2

    We check connectivity and correct access to your systems and services to begin recovery.

  • 3

    We restore each service and document the process as lessons learned.

  • 4

    We present a final report with the conclusions of the service.

Recovery Services

Restoration of services and systems

We help you recover from any cybersecurity incident with expert personnel who are accustomed to tense and complex situations.

Business continuity and recovery

We help you define and improve your business continuity processes based on the best market practices, regulations and standards.