Control your information

Through our intelligence services, acquire the information necessary to address your questions and help you define and successfully achieve your company's strategic objectives. Obtain a competitive advantage that allows you to anticipate the risks in your sector and stand out from your competition.

  • Discover your company's digital presence and access key data about your suppliers and competitors. Gain strategic insights to strengthen your market position and optimize your business performance

  • Implement a security analysis to protect your organization's critical assets against both internal and external threats. Strengthen the protection of your strategic resources with our specialized solutions.

  • Thoroughly explore any incident or event with our powerful OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) and HUMINT (Human Intelligence) capabilities. Take advantage of our specialized tools for a thorough and effective investigation.

How we work?


  • We have an intelligence unit with international operation capacity, which provides you with a large interdisciplinary team to support you in making decisions and defending your interests.

  • We have a complete team of Cybersecurity experts, which allows us to have the capacity to obtain massive information at the Cyber ​​level, having access to information present in open sources as well as in the Deep/Dark Web, or in leaks carried out by cyber attackers in the network.

  • Our analysts rely on open sources (OSINT), proprietary and third-party tools and financial, commercial, administrative and other databases of legal origin. In addition, they have experience in accessing and analyzing the information obtained.
contact us
  • 1

    We analyze the situation and agree on the specific objectives of the work based on priority needs.

  • 2

    We request the initial information and begin the research work with a multidisciplinary team of analysts.

  • 3

    We hold periodic meetings that allow us to present partial results to you and reorient the research based on the results obtained.

  • 4

    We issue reports signed by qualified engineers and researchers, in compliance with current laws on expert and private investigation matters.

Identification Services

Threat Intelligence

We rely on TIBER methodology to evaluate the intentionality, opportunity and capacity of cyber attackers in order to improve your cyber defenses.

Monitoring of campaigns and events

We monitor events such as product launches, voting processes or sporting events for threats.

Strategic intelligence

We put our team of cyber analysts and detectives at your disposal to support you in any strategic decision that requires expert advice.

Digital surveillance

We issue periodic reports with information related to current security incidents that may impact you directly or indirectly.

Fingerprint of VIP personalities

We identify the digital footprint of VIP personalities such as businessmen, senior managers or celebrities, analyzing possible threats and issuing a report of recommendations.

Corporate digital footprint

We analyze your organization's digital exposure footprint and issue a report with findings and recommendations.

Fraud investigation and analysis

We support you in risk situations and in cases of threat and fraud through private investigations adapted to the reality of the problem.

Identification of information leaks (surface, deep and dark web)

We continuously monitor the main eCrime forums for the detection and sale analysis of possible data exfiltrated from your organization.

Due Diligence Assistance

We analyze information on the Internet about suppliers, contractors and/or business partners to detect potential risks and provide support in decision making.

Litigation Assistance

We give you technical support in any type of litigation, with the support of researchers and qualified experts.

Digital asset recovery

We help you to recover all types of assets that may be being traded on the Internet on platforms such as Wallapop or on the Deep/Dark web.

Shadow IT Search

We identify risks by searching for exposed assets and infrastructure that are not under the control of the IT area.

Malicious actor analysis

We analyze the information of the malicious actors responsible for your incidents (exfiltration, sale of corporate data or cases of harassment and threats, among others).