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How the DORA regulation and the European NIS2 directive affect

Next Tuesday, April 9, 2024, the event will take place where leading experts in law and cybersecurity will analyze the implications of the transposition of European cybersecurity legislation on medium and large companies and on those smaller companies that work in their ecosystem.

The CEO, as the head of the company (as well as the rest of the board members), must know, in general terms, the measures that must be taken, the compliance roadmap and the serious implications that non-compliance with the regulations may entail. mandatory measures. Being aware of this new regulatory framework will allow you to request its deployment and audit from the company's senior management.

On the one hand, DORA (Digital Operational Resilience Act) affects all medium and large entities linked to the world of finance or insurance.
On the other hand, NIS2 (Network and Information Security Directive 2) is the extension of the first phase that took place in 2018 and also affects medium and large companies from a multitude of sectors that are considered relevant or critical for a country: from the health sector, or transportation, to the media or food.
All companies participating in the supply chain of affected companies will have to account for their cybersecurity measures (in fact, the directive expressly includes those that are considered critical, regardless of their size) so, in practice , a very large number of companies of all sizes and sectors throughout Europe are affected.

In short, in 2024 the vast majority of companies will have to review whether they are prepared to comply with these regulations and, in any case, take advantage of having a security master plan, more or less rigorous, depending on their exposure and the sanctions that are applicable to them.

If you want more information, register for free at the event where the main points of the regulations and regulations, the procedures to deploy, the training plans for compliance, etc. will be reviewed. In addition to experts in law and cybersecurity, magistrates knowledgeable in the matter and associations of counselors will participate.



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