Análisis de riesgos de ciberseguridad en entornos cloud

Cybersecurity risk analysis in cloud environments

Our service Analysis of Cloud Environments provides companies with the necessary technical support to check the level of cybersecurity his cloud environments and services in the cloud (own and/or third-party) and detecting and analyzing the risks potentials of the same, to try to solve them.

Nowadays, most companies, whether micro-SMEs, SMEs, medium-sized companies, large organizations or multinationals, already have cloud environments, their own or those of third parties, and of different types.

And those that do not have them are migrating to them or will do so shortly, since it gives them more versatility, advantages and benefits such as return on investment, simplicity, scalability of environments, systems and services, flexibility , efficiency, etc.

But this also entails another type of exposure, risks and threats, proper and inherent to the model cloud, as to the cybersecurity regards. That is why it is necessary to be aware of them, those that affect our company specifically, in order to be able to protect ourselves from them, mitigate or alleviate them.

Thus, the cybersecurity risk analysis in cloud environments It must be one of the priorities in companies when it comes to protecting themselves, protecting their data, assets, personal, operations and guarantee the business continuity.

There will be multiple types of threats, so the first thing is to identify them. Some of them may be obvious (depending on the type of company, the sector, etc.), such as denial of service attacks, vulnerability exploitation, settings incorrect, failures o human carelessness, authentications, models of access, profiles, roles, policies, privileges, etc.

For all these reasons, it is advisable to carry out periodic searches for vulnerabilities concrete in our cloud environments and, with the results, try to solve them, applying updates, applying patches to make mistakes or bugs, etc.

As in any risk analysis and threats Once identified, we must study them, assess them, assign them a dangerousness and impact capacity, criticality and priority based on their characteristics, our business and objectives.

With all this, the final step is to get to work. From everything in the previous analysis, some conclusions must be drawn and a action plan, improvement plan O risk mitigation plan from which to articulate all the measurements and controls to adopt to strengthen the cybersecurity in our environment cloud.

From that moment on, we enter a new cycle. PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act - Plan, Do, Consult and Act) where the continuous monitoring It is of essential importance to return to that re-analysis cybersecurity risks (which should never stop).

This checkup will consist of other types of services such as early detection of suspicious activities, defending, the prevention of cyber attacks, the intrusion detection, in behavior analysis, he suspicious activity analysis, etc., and minimizing its possible effects as much as possible if they occur.

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