Protección de datos empresariales, exfiltración y fuga de datos

Enterprise data protection, exfiltration and data leak

The business data protection is increasingly complex due to the sophistication of the techniques, mechanisms and technologies used by cybercriminals. This makes the use of increasingly advanced strategies, approaches, mechanisms and technologies mandatory.

Today, it is essential for companies to continuous monitoring of Internet risks and the surveillance of forums in Crimea from Dark Web with the aim of detecting any possible data exfiltration property of the company.

The Dark Web It is the habitat and refuge of illegal activities for cybercriminals, from where they evade detection, and from where they profit from their criminal activities, for example with sale of stolen data.

This monitoring and monitoring Continuous risk analysis on the Internet and the deep or dark web requires the use of powerful, innovative and highly advanced tools and technologies.

What is sought in this analysis are mentions of the company and some of its corporate data, and even data from clients, users, partners, or employees. The search engines of the deep web and threat detection algorithms allow you to identify any suspicious activity in this regard.

There, in the Dark Web there are what is known as eCrime forums as markets or meeting points for cybercriminals What do they seek sell and buy stolen information. Yes, it's like a flea market for the highest bidder. The stolen data of specific companies are offered by weight, in exchange for money, in a form of cryptocurrencies generally, through auctions or direct sales.

Generally, most companies do not have an IT team dedicated to this task or experts in the field. For this reason, it is usual to resort to professional and specialized services of cybersecurity and cyber intelligence, like the ones we offer in Zerolynx: Internet and Dark Web Risk Monitoring.

To achieve a high degree of digital trust, and recognition of brand and business Therefore, companies must ensure the confidentiality, integrity, availability and traceability of the data that obtain, create, store and manage. Only in this way can companies have a good level of protection of information and business secrets.

As we know, the Dark Web consists of a "part"hidden Internet that requires specific browsers to access it and is the breeding ground for illegal, fraudulent and criminal activities.

The forums for selling stolen data and the cybercriminal communities dedicated to in Crimea are common in this environment, being the showcase and "store" where the cybercriminals They offer corporate data that they have previously stolen from a specific company/ies.

The first line of defense must consist of continuous monitoring of risks on the Internet, crawling the web for any indication of compromised corporate data, or that is for sale (company names, email addresses, customer information, etc.).

The exploration of the eCrime forums in the Dark Web It is another of the activities that must be carried out in parallel. The most desired and even requested data are bank card numbers, passwords, bank account numbers, identity numbers, etc.

Detect the presence of corporate data in the Dark Web It's just the first step. The next crucial step is the analysis of these exfiltrated data. This analysis can provide valuable information about the magnitude of the attack, possible entry points, and vulnerabilities in the security of the company.

The teams of cyber security can track the activities of cybercriminals in the Dark Web and even act as detectives and infiltrate their communities to obtain additional, more valuable information.

Both components, both continuous monitoring of Internet risks As the tracking sales forums and eCrime on the Dark Web, are, therefore, essential to achieve a comprehensive and holistic approach, since the protection of business data is essential for the business continuity, survival and reputation of a company.

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