Due Diligence, protegiendo ante riesgos de terceros

Due Diligence, protecting against third party risks

Through our service Due Diligence O Due dilegence, we find on the Internet information about suppliers, partners, partners, contractors and supply chain, which we analyze in detail from the point of view of security and cybersecurity, with the aim of identifying threats and risks potentials that these could transfer to our business.

This service consists of investigation of one or several organizations with which you work, collaborate, have some type of relationship, or expect to have one shortly. It is also a very commonly requested and provided service in the case of business analysis, before a acquisition from the same.

The factors to be analyzed can be many and very varied. From economic, financial, fiscal, legal, compliance, labor, social, etc., to those that affect infrastructure, technologies, products and services, and the degree of security and cybersecurity which they have.

In the case of the cybersecurity, guaranteeing the due dilegence It is something essential to protect the digital assets of one company in a digital world where communications, relationships and business take place on that plane.

This type of service provides a complete view of the risks and vulnerabilities of third parties, allowing companies to take informed decisions and at the same time, proactive measures to safeguard your data, information, devices, systems and infrastructure, thereby ensuring the reputation and the business continuity.

In order to guarantee the integrity his data and digital assets and the protection of confidential information, companies are increasingly requesting the provision of security services. Due Diligence in cybersecurity.

The key is the ID, assessment and mitigation of risks. In the area of cybersecurity, the process of due dilegence It is very comprehensive as it evaluates all possible third-party corporate security systems, policies and procedures.

These services, as we said, cover various aspects, such as the evaluation of technological infrastructure, the review of security policies, the training of personnel and the identification of current or potential threats.

In the case of infrastructure evaluation, the elements to analyze are the technological architectures, identifying in them weak points, settings and vulnerabilities (in systems, applications, networks, devices, etc.).

In the case of the review of policies and procedures, the analysis focuses on checking the policies of passwords, of access a sensitive data and in the procedures of incident response and recovery (resilience).

He human factor it's key. Hence the conscience and the training play a vitally important role. For this reason, a service due diligence You must also analyze the level of knowledge and training of the staff regarding security and cybersecurity.

Furthermore, the tasks of the services of due diligence They can also focus on the identification of threats ongoing and possible future activities, such as malware detection, potential security activities, hacking O intrusion, data leak and internal threats.

With all this, in the end, what is intended is to carry out a work of risk identification, of Risk management and of risk mitigation that can reach our organization third parties, significantly reducing exposure to threats.

Of course, these types of services greatly favor and facilitate the normative compliance (compliance), helping companies comply with the normative, regulations, legislations, frameworks and standards of security and cybersecurity, which will avoid problems and possible sanctions O fines derived from breach.

Can we help you find out if your suppliers or partners Could they become a risk for your business?

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