La huella digital corporativa y de empleados VIP

The corporate and VIP employee digital footprint

Through our services Corporate Digital Footprint and VIP Fingerprint we locate exfiltration It is exposed information on the Internet of the company and its key personnel (VIP) that may pose a risk to the company.

As we already know, every action, every activity, every step we take on the Internet, both individuals and companies, leaves an indelible mark, a deep fingerprint.

Companies, all their employees and people VIP (Very Important People / Very Important Persons) or people of relevance, importance, or key who work there (investors, members of the Board of Directors, the CEO, members of the Management Team, treasurers, personnel who have permission to handle confidential information and carry out economic transactions, etc.) , they are continually leaving Fingerprints of great value and interest in multiple senses.

It is footprints They may generally go unnoticed, but they identify and define in detail the person, the company, their activities, their behaviors, their data, their preferences, their relationships, etc.

Nowadays the digital presence It is inevitable and we could not live without it. Companies leverage it to maintain, evolve and grow their relationships and business, through their corporate websites, collaborative group work and videoconferencing platforms and software, social networks, messaging and email services, etc.

In that Digital environment daily, each action, each access to internal and external online environments and services, each reading of content, each download, each upload, each email sent, each transaction carried out, each relationship with other companies and people, each sharing and collaboration, contributes to the corporate fingerprint.

With all this, a fingerprint important, robust, solid and quality can generate trust and positive synergies. However, poor management of the fingerprint It can cause irreparable damage to reputation and, therefore, to the business.

One of the aspects that is perhaps most relevant today are the reviews that other users and companies make about our company. These mentions and collaborations also feed the search engines that compile this information to present a complete picture to those seeking information.

For this reason, it is vitally important to properly control, manage and monitor the fingerprint, through policies performance and publication, configuration of profiles and permissions, corporative strategy and strategies positioning of contents (SEO, Search Engine Optimization).

In addition to individuals who may be influencers, celebrities, public figures, politicians, businessmen, experts in various subjects, etc., all companies have personnel VIP among its employees and/or partners, suppliers and collaborators. The correct exposure of this type of users is of vital importance.

The fingerprint from a user VIP can extend beyond what they share. Followers, media, etc., contribute to the digital narrative, which can lead to the creation of misunderstandings. Managing the footprint of this corporate group is a delicate balance between authenticity and the protection from privacy.

For both companies and individuals VIP, the management of the fingerprint it's crucial. The strategies careful can influence the public perception, build trust and generate opportunities, or quite the opposite if they are not carried out correctly.

The transparency, the authenticity and the commitmenton the fundamental values to maintain a positive fingerprint.

The definitive, the fingerprint It is a reflection of who the company is and what it represents. It is, therefore, a asset of enormous value, like any other.

Both companies and their employees must take responsibility for building an excellent fingerprint that stands the test of time and contributes positively to the business and its presence and growth on the internet.

And, in case, at some point, the fingerprint suffers, firstly it will have to be detected, secondly identify corrective actions and thirdly apply them, always with the help of experts so that "let's not turn the tables"that may produce contrary or unwanted effects.

Do you want us to help you protect the digital footprint of your company and VIP employees?

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