La importancia de la Seguridad Patrimonial

The importance of Asset Security

The term of Patrimonial security refers to all those measures necessary for the prevention of risks and threats in a company, as well as vulnerability identification and analysis in the assets, estate O values Of the same.

From carrying out this activity you must obtain a Security plan that allows the company to be protected against damage caused by human actions that, in addition, determine the Safety procedures to execute, establishing at the same time the security contracts, the security resource management and the standards, policies and security protocols.

Its main objective is the prevention of the patrimonial risk (that which reduces the patrimony and/or its value), through the asset security management. This management and security can be physical and/or virtual (cybersecurity).

Ultimately, what is sought is the minimization of risks in the patrimonial assets, which will result in ensuring the business continuity by means of the prevention, containment and response to threats (whether internal or external, crime, delinquency, unfair competition, etc.).

The process to follow to guarantee the Patrimonial security consists in:
  • Identify risks on patrimonial assets.
  • Improve procedures corresponding to the business continuity Yet the asset protection.
  • Implement defense measures personalized for each business.
  • Prepare reports and recommendations.
In our case, Osane Consulting (company of Zerolynx Group) provides different heritage security services and scopes, following these steps:
  • Establishment of the goals and the range of the service to be provided.
  • Pick up from information and analysis.
  • Periodic meetings with partial results to be evaluated.
  • Delivery of the results of the provision of the service.
The service portfolio of Patrimonial protection that we have, is the following:
  • Asset security audit: detailed analysis of physical infrastructure, systems and procedures, to determine the necessary protection.
  • Management and Direction of Asset Security: comprehensive and global management of the asset security of the entire organization.
  • Internal threats: insiders (employees, collaborators or internal suppliers) are a source of threats, especially in the case of access and manipulation of sensitive information that, through this service, are detected and prevented.
  • OPSEC (Operations Security): implementation of countermeasures to guarantee physical and logical security.
Do you want us to help you guarantee the asset security of your company?

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