Servicio de Ciberdefensa personalizado

Personalized Cyber Defense Service

Our service Cybersecurity and Cyberdefense It is an essential support in organizations that helps them mitigate threats and to reduce the attack surface.

The service is based on the model of "least privilege", creating a hostile environment for cyber attackers who have managed to enter the organization's network, thus making their activities difficult.

One of the most common actions of cybercriminals when they have already managed to access the network, it is to perform lateral movements, to avoid being detected and achieve higher levels of permissions and accessed.

In this sense, the service monitors and detects possible anomalies that occur within the organization, being able to detect and restrict the lateral movements that are being carried out.

It is a monitoring and analysis which results in personalized recommendations of action, consisting of a adaptive defense model, global e integral (antimalware, EDR/XDR, firewall, threat hunting, etc.).

The provision of the service Cybersecurity and Cyberdefense, consists in:

  • Analysis of specific needs of the organization.
  • Personalized defense plan (proposal to implement).
  • Implementation of proposed solutions.
  • Audit of measures implemented and measurement of the efficiency from the same.
Our portfolio of services Cybersecurity and Cyberdefense is the following:

  • Awareness: we take care of the conscience of employees in matters of cybersecurity through training, training with actions of phishing, documentation and training material.
  • Bastion of equipment and networks: we design environments secure networks and mockups with the most appropriate and personalized security configurations for each company.
  • Integration of security / cybersecurity solutions: we take care of deployment in the company's infrastructure of elements such as antimalware / antivirus, firewalls, EDR/XDR, DLP, SIEM, etc.
  • Secure development: we accompany in the establishment of the cybersecurity in all the development cycle (SSDLC) through secure development methodologies and technologies.
Do you want us to help you guarantee the cybersecurity the cyber defense of your company?

You can expand details about our services Cyberdefense and Cybersecurity visiting the page of Zerolynx.

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