¿Por qué es importante contratar servicios de análisis de actores maliciosos?

Why is it important to hire malicious actor analysis services?


The cybercriminals They continually seek to infiltrate, damage, or steal valuable information from individuals, and especially from companies, which causes a growing proliferation of malicious actors O threat actors.

The cyber incidents as the data exfiltration, the information leakage, he harassment online, the cyber extortion and the cyber threats, can have a huge and significant impact on the reputation, business continuity and finances of any company.

The sidentification and analysis services of malicious actors or threat actors They are an essential tool in the fight against cybercrime. They consist of specific and professional techniques and tools, used by experts in cybersecurity, for tracking, identification of cybercriminals.

But this cybercriminals They can work alone, and even organized in groups with common interests. Know what their high-level objectives are, their ideals, their motivations, their way of thinking, the specific objectives they could intend to attack, their modus operandi, etc. It is of great importance to fight against them. We must know them as much as possible to be able to proactively defend ourselves and counterattack.

The Malicious actor analysis services They must be based on the maximum possible data sources available (security event log, network, threat intelligence, digital forensics and behavioral analysis, etc.) so that expert analysts can carry out their work.

Although this type of service may seem very “Science fiction”, the reality is that, due to the panorama we face, it is the order of the day and companies need them for the following reasons (among others):

  • Prevent cyber attacks, identifying threat actors to prevent and allowing companies to strengthen their security systems and take intelligent and proactive measures to protect themselves from future attacks, knowing who is behind an attack that has already occurred.
  • Offer a effective response in the face of an attack, since the threat actor identification services They help companies determine the magnitude of what happened and take the most appropriate measures to mitigate the damage.
  • Protect your image and reputation, being able to react in time (crisis management), when finding out who is behind a cyber attack and the reasons why the cybercriminals are doing it (what are their objectives).
  • achieve a correct normative compliance, which may even be mandatory for certain types of companies and sectors that must comply with certain standards, regulations, or laws.
On the other hand, undoubtedly, contracting this type of services benefits companies:

  • Improving your security, upon meeting the threat actors and their tactics, allowing them to reduce their vulnerabilities and exposure to future attacks.
  • Allowing them Focus on your business, saving resources, time and money by outsourcing it and delegating it to companies dedicated to it, since IT departments (which do not have to be cybersecurity experts) will not spend time on this type of activities and investigations that escape them and they do not master.
  • Making it easier for them to make a informed decision making, given that the information obtained as a result of the investigation of the threat actors It is enormously valuable and helps to know how to respond to cyber incidents and the controls and security measures that must be implemented.
  • reducing the financial risk, associated activity losses, dbusiness retention, bribery, blackmail, extortion, cyberkidnappings by ransomware, as well as the payment of sanctions and fines due to regulatory breaches.
Companies do not have an expert team dedicated to this, so they outsource this type of specialized cybersecurity and cyberintelligence services, like the ones we offer in ZerolynxMalicious Actor Analysis.

Can we help you find out who the malicious actors in a cyber incident were and how they behaved, in order to prevent possible new attacks?

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