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Pentesting: Internal Audit Service for Networks and Systems (Ethical Hacking)

Pentesting: Internal Audit Service for Networks and Systems (Ethical Hacking)

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We deeply understand the needs of SMEs, and we try to meet them by designing, implementing, maintaining and operating comprehensive security plans based on the six NIST functions (Governance, Identification, Protection, Detection, Response and Recovery). Within them, our Internal Audit service will allow you to gain insight into the resilience of your internal network, understanding what its main shortcomings are in order to correct them as soon as possible. .

How do we evaluate the maturity of an internal network?

Our Internal Audits are based on five main phases:

  • Information gathering.
  • Analysis of infrastructure vulnerabilities.
  • Vulnerability analysis of applications and services.
  • Collection of evidence.
  • Report writing.

Zerolynx has developed its own methodology based on the best standards on the market, such as PTES, OSSTMM and OWASP. This methodology establishes the guidelines for carrying out penetration tests and searching for vulnerabilities on internal security audits, detailing how to check each vulnerability.

Within the proposed methodology, the following tests are highlighted:

Analysis of the endpoint

  • Disk encryption.
  • Secure passwords.
  • Secure policies (powershell access, logout time, etc.).
  • Local privilege escalation.

Network attacks

  • Arp Spoofing – MiTM.
  • Encrypted communications.
  • Network segmentation.
  • Insecure protocols.
  • Default credentials in network electronics (switches, firewalls, routers).
  • Tor network access.
  • Data exfiltration (firewall evasion, proxies, etc.).
  • Phishing tests (infected pendrive, fraudulent emails, Rogue AP, etc.).

Software vulnerability analysis

  • Unsupported and/or outdated software.
  • Vulnerabilities in installed software.
  • Default credentials in services.

Malware Testing

  • Malware detection.
  • Access to potentially dangerous sites.
  • Antivirus/EDR bypass.
  • C&C execution and beaconing.

Active Directory Analysis

  • Analysis of relationships in Active Directory.
  • Shortest path analysis to domain administrator.
  • Horizontal and vertical movements in the organization (sysvol, golden ticket, pass-the-hash, etc.).
  • Credential dump.


Zerolynx always includes a graph that details all the engagement paths obtained in the client's environment, obtained during the execution of the project to achieve primary or secondary objectives. This graphic details the different existing attack paths that a malicious actor could have followed in order to achieve their mission within the organization.

Along with this graph, a textual description of the attack paths and the impact that each of these scenarios would have had on the company is added, and which serves as a high-level summary of the scenarios achieved during the exercise.

The different activities carried out will be framed within the Cyber ​​Kill Chain, with the aim of locating the deficiencies detected in the different stages of the life cycle from the attack of malicious actors.

Final report

By consolidating all the evidence obtained, a complete technical and executive report will be constructed in accordance with the Zerolynx model, and will include, at least, the following points:

  • Purpose and scope of the audit
  • Audited systems
  • Auditor team
  • Interlocutors who have participated in the audit
  • Test development dates
  • Reference documentation
  • Confidentiality clause
  • Vulnerabilities detected, classified according to their importance
  • Recommended solutions to vulnerabilities
  • Vulnerabilities corrected in the audit
  • Observations
  • Strengths and opportunities for improvement
  • Conclusions obtained

The report will have an Executive Summary, highlighting the main risks detected and prioritization recommendations for their possible resolution. Below are examples of executive summary and vulnerability sheets used by Zerolynx. However, the information in the report and the vulnerabilities can be adapted to the client's needs and requirements if necessary.

Additionally, Zerolynx provides the client with a high-level presentation at the end of the project that will document the main findings and remediations.

This service is designed exclusively for SMEs with up to 250 employees. If you wish to contract this service for larger companies, do not hesitate to contact our commercial team from contact form on our website.

More information about our Pentesting services for Internal Audit of Networks and Systems

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