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Smartphone forensic analysis (iOS or Android)

Smartphone forensic analysis (iOS or Android)

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Throughout this service, our experts will clone and forensically analyze your mobile device (iOS or Android) with the aim of locating and certifying in an expert report the evidence that you ask us to reflect (e.g. WhatsApp conversations, emails or photographs).

We analyze the evidence using cutting-edge forensic technologies, based on the recommendations of the UNE 71506 standard.

Our reports are issued with complete detail about the action carried out, in accordance with the guidelines set out in the UNE 197001 standard and are signed by qualified engineers, in accordance with Art. 340 of the Civil Procedure Law (1/2000).

Purchase the service from our virtual store and in less than 48 hours (working hours) one of our Project Managers will contact you to schedule the start of the work.

In the event that the smartphone is not delivered to one of our facilities, possible per diem or travel expenses may be charged independently.

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